Heroin to Harvard: Lead With the Story of Your Life

Leading with the story of your life begins with answering the question, “who are you?”

It demands increased knowledge of self and the ability to develop transformational, inspirational stories from challenging past experiences. This is the goal of our masterclass.


The outcome is stronger relationships and higher levels of performance.

Streetwise Leadership Coaching

All of our training and executive coaching builds leadership capacity through the

practical application of three crucial forms of intelligence:

1) Emotional Intelligence

  • Self-Knowledge (do you know who you are?)

  • elf-Control (ability to remain calm and think when emotions are elevated)

2) Social Intelligence

  •  Empathy (genuine listening and concern for others)

  • Relationship skills (storytelling, giving and asking for feedback and gratitude)

3) Rational Intelligence

  • The ability to correct one’s beliefs about how things should be done when presented      with better ideas

  • The ability to stop and think about how to respond in difficult emotionally charge conversations

The Solution For Supplier & Enterprise Development

5-steps to helping large organisations increase the business they do with small enterprises; particularly within previously disadvantaged populations.