Susan S. Harmeling and Charles M. Henderson - Government Executive

Much like a company with a poor track record on diversity, equity and inclusion, the nation is looking for clear change absent a clear idea of how it will be accomplished.

Charles Henderson and Susan Harmeling - Business Insider

"Diversity washing" is an applicable name for the virtue signaling corporate leaders are rushing to embrace today. Our research shows that any real, meaningful change in DE&I takes a great deal of time, money and commitment.

Protests over the police killing of George Floyd rage on more than three months later.

Harvard Business School Alumni Stories

As a guy who makes his living getting—and keeping—people’s attention, Charles Henderson (MBA 1991) appreciates the value of a memorable tagline. He knows that his is more compelling than most. “I call it my ‘heroin-to-Harvard’ story,” he says. “Really, it’s a metaphor for a leader’s story of where you were to where you are.”

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