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In his younger years, Charles was a heroin addict high school dropout, but his story didn't stop there. Tune in to hear how Charles went from heroin to Harvard - the most elite university in America.

Charles M Henderson Jr: From Heroin to Harvard - How a Young Black Boy Raised in the Projects Made It to the Most Elite University in AmericaThe Courage to Change: A Recovery Podcast
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Timothy speaks with neuroscientist Glenn Fox and brings back Harvard MBA Charles M. Henderson, Jr. to explore how to apply the laws of reciprocity to building relationships and growing your career… all inspired by the story of how Charles M. Henderson, Jr. went from being on heroin to getting his Harvard MBA, and how he built a successful global consulting career.

Heroin to Harvard to Reciprocity (Applied Neuroscience)
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Timothy shares the story of Charles M. Henderson, Jr... the man who went from using and selling drugs, to graduating from both The Wharton School and Harvard Business School. They are joined by Dr Colleen Lightbody as they explore the power and brain lessons from Charles’ courageous story about becoming a leading human behaviour thought leader and change management consultant. They explore 5 human and brain insights from his 'Heroin to Harvard' journey that you can apply to your influence journey.

From Heroin to Harvard
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