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Lead With The Story Of Your Life

"The journey from 'Heroin to Harvard' was not easy, but it's my story"
~Charles M. Henderson, Jr.


Charles Henderson has been coaching and training managers and their staff for more than 25 years. Using the story of his own transformation from heroin addict to Harvard graduate as a jumping off point, Charles Henderson applies the latest advances in behavioural science research to help clients craft meaningful stories from their most challenging experiences. As a coach, speaker and facilitator he can help you become an inspirational leader by discovering and using the power of your story.

He also created the Streetwise Leadership Coaching Program designed to share knowledge and build leadership skills in three crucial areas of mastery:



Understanding self

& the power of your story


Mastering the Art of Relationships

Building relationships 

you can count on


Mastering the Art of Thinking

Overcoming unconscious

& cognitive biases

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