Lead With The Story Of Your Life

"The journey from 'Heroin to Harvard' was not easy, but it's my story"
~Charles M. Henderson, Jr.


As a student at Harvard Business School, Charles M. Henderson, Jr. was inspired by Professor Shoshana Zuboff to dedicate his life's work to developing leaders. In 1996, with her guidance and the support of his classmate, Jeff Harper, he established Heroin to Harvard.


We transform managers into leaders through active training and executive coaching which is grounded in the research of three crucial leadership intelligences:


Emotional Intelligence

Understanding self

& managing emotions




Developing & managing relationships


Rational Intelligence

Seeing things as they are

& acting accordingly

We have also developed the Masterclass “Heroin to Harvard; Lead with the Story of Your Life,” which has been profiled in the Harvard Business School Alumni Magazine; see at link below.